Friday, June 24, 2016

Is this the start of the Apocalypse?

England has voted to exit the European Union, David Cameron will be stepping down and I have this terrible terrible feeling that Trump may just be the next President of the United States.

Is this the beginning of the Apocalypse?

If it is, then why are there so many "Good Christains" left, did they miss the Rapture?

Did the Rapture happen but nobody went because no one is a good Christian any longer?

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Artists of the Wall Festival - I just can't believe it

We made it to Season 2 for the Artists of the Wall Festival - so few programs actually make it to Season 2 so I'm stoked.

I knew we were going to make Season 2 because we decided at the end of last year that we wanted to do it again.

2016 was the 23rd running of this festival and the theme was "Drawing on the Lake"

"Drawing on the lake" oh boy did we have a tough time coming up with ideas....literal, figurative, allegorical, how do you interpret that?

Here's what we did.

Arms and hands are holding knitting needles which are knitting a tapestry of leaves from the water within the lake.  Those leaves are then filled in with the names of the 49 victims of the Pulse Nightclub massacre in Orlando, Florida.  You see what you want to see, you interpret it as you like, the same as when you look at a person and see what you want to see.  The choice is yours.  


I was so honored to find out this morning.....that our team actually won 2nd place!  I know my friend Marcio knew it all along, but  I never think I'm going to win.  

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The SpongeBob Musical Review - playing in Chicago until July 7 2016

The SpongeBob Musical Review - I liked it more than I ever thought I would.  This review is of the pre-Broadway World Premiere showing at the Oriental Theatre in Chicago until July 7, 2016

This show is as close to watching a cartoon as there ever will be!  Bright, loud, colorful, full of inside jokes that I didn't get because I never watched SpongeBob but nonetheless - funny as hell.  Sound effects as the characters walked (Squidward), rapid screen swipes as action moves from character to character and digital projection GALORE!  Costumes were out of this world, since I don't watch SB I don't know who all of the characters are, but the audience sure did and gleefully clapped as each character was revealed.

So much technology in this show it was astounding - digital projections that moved around the stage live, neon everywhere, junk everywhere, exactly what you would think Bikini Bottom would look like.  It's interesting to see how digital projection has grown.  I remember seeing the Lady in White (Andrew Lloyd Webber) in London, which was a big blank stage where they projected everything, and imagining back then how far it would progress - it seems as though you can't go to a show now where there isn't some kind of digital projection - it really helps move this show along.

Flanking the stage are two huge Rube Goldberg machines that spew out lava balls - unfortunately it only got used twice, I would have liked to have seen more of that.  The stage was built out, reaching out into the audience and covering the orchestra pit with ramps connecting each side; surrounding the stage and hanging above were all kinds of floatsam and jetsam that you would expect to see in the ocean.

ALL of the actors had, in my opinion, strong clear voices and they did great justice to all of the different songwriters, including doing the voices of the characters that so many people know so well.  I'd completely forgotten that Gavin Lee was playing Squidward.  Who's Gavin Lee?  He played Bert in the Broadway and then touring production of Mary Poppins.

Songwriters: there were twelve famous songwriters amongst the 15 songs, Plain White T's, Cyndi Lauper, David Bowie, John Legend.  I was concerned that it might sound more like a juke-box musical with so many different styles of songwriters - but there was no concern at all, each song flowed easily to the next and none seemed out of place.

My FAVORITE number was "I'm Not a Loser" which was Squidwards big song written by They Might Be Giants.  A huge production number where it seemed that the entire cast (men included) donned huge Vegas style show girl costumes replete with big feathered head dresses and a big tap number (I'm a sucker for tap).  Several of the songs I was bopping along or tapping along at which point I would catch myself and say "why are you doing that, you never watched this show?"

My favorite song was No Control by David Bowie and Brian Eno, within a few bars of the start of the song you KNEW it was a Bowie song.  Dark, twisty and the perfect way to start off the conflict of the show.

The choreography was really good, especially the tap number - they were ALL in sync for a show that's only been out for a week.  There were skateboarders and roller skaters that used the ramps in front of the stage and there was even a mini-pirate show to kick off each of the acts.  There was so much going on in this show that it really was like being in a cartoon.

I'm definitely not the target audience for this show, but the youngin's sitting around us definitely LOVED IT!  Everytime a character was introduced they'd go wild, when the actors would say or do something, people lauged.  Apparently it really fed right into the appetite of that target because the young ladies sitting next to us couldn't get enough, whereas the older couple sitting next to us never came back after Act One.

I surprised myself how much I liked this, so much so that when intermission came I didn't ask the question: Do you want to stay for Act Two?

I sorta wanna see it again, if it makes it to Broadway it's going to be a big hit with those that love SpongeBob!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Happiest Thing I've Seen

I went to visit a friend last week and while we were out walking around the neighborhood I saw the happiest thing I think that I've ever seen in my life.

Picture it:  One of the first nice Spring days we've had this year, the sun was out, the clouds were out, the leaves on the trees were out, it was gorgeous.  

We had decided to walk down to Vedgewater Garden and check out the plot.  Last year my friend was able to get a plot and we had a grand harvest.  He's signed on for Season 2, I told him he didn't realize how lucky he was, most programs get cancelled after Season 1 - and he had made it to Season 2.

He'd already been to the garden and cleaned it up, in fact he found a bunny hatch under a big oregano bush that had grown overwinter, there were four cute little bunnies calling it home.
Garden Bunny
We took our time in the garden and had a leisurely walk home through the neighborhood.  As we were turning a corner we heard what we thought were shouts, but only once or twice and then nothing so we paid no attention.  Then we heard it again, but now it sounded like singing.........and laughing.......and it grew louder.

Before we knew it, it had passed us and we sat there trying to take it all in, I was astonished at what I'd seen.  (ooohhhh clickbait)

We had just seen an old man (I mean OLD man) in a wheelchair, in a "contraption" holding the wheelchair, attached to a bicycle that was being peddled by a young man.  I had no time to pull out my camera, I had no time to take it what was going on, but it was the happiest thing I think I have ever seen.

The look on the old man's face was priceless, like he was running a marathon, like he was re-enacting that scene from Titanic on the bow, like he was 15 years old again.  He was singing at the top of his lungs, and he was laughing and basically hootin' and hollerin'.  The boy powering the contraption had the biggest smile on his face, getting satisfaction beyond belief from the reaction he was getting from the old man. 

I can only assume that this gentleman's grandson had created this device (there's a picture of something similar) so that he could take his Grandfather on a bike ride, to allow him to feel the wind blowing on his face after probably being stuck at home for years.  

But as we watched them pass by, suddenly a car came barreling down the street blowing it's horn and caused the whole bike wheelchair combination to flip and end up on it's side, an ambulance was called and the old man......nope, that didn't happen, but I couldn't leave you with such a sweet, fantastically touching story and not make you think something bad didn't, something wonderful happened.  

I hope that man gets to go on a bike ride every day!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Preparing for Vegas: Raising Alcohol Tolerance

I'm going to Vegas in a month to visit my BFF and his boyfriend.  They moved there in February to get away from these blasted Midwestern winters.

They were my drinking buddies and since they left, I really haven't had that much to drink....which means I'm in trouble if I don't get my tolerance back up.

I can see it now, don't drink for 3 months, go to Vegas, have 2 drinks, pass out drunk take 3 out of 5 days to recover...nope, not gonna happen.

This weekend I kicked off the RAT4V (Raising Alcohol Tolerance 4 Vegas) Program in preparation.

Friday night I went with my friend Gregory to the Rogers Park Social Club for a cocktail and food truck venture - every Friday a foodtruck stops in front of the bar so you can have a drink and a bite.  This week it was Wow Bao and I had a big Ginge Shandy something or other that got me really woozy!

Sunday afternoon Gregory invited me to go with him to a friends birthday party at R Public House and they've got this delicious grapefruit beer Stiegl-Radler - OMG add a shot of vodka and boom you're outta there because it's so fruity and goes down so quickly.

This week I plan on having at least 2 drinks on the ride home from work, it's only 18 minutes but I think I can do it.  They sell beer and wine leading to the tracks and alcohol is allowed on Metra, so I think I'm gonna grab me a box of wine or something from CVS and get buzzed before I get home.

Next week I'll bump it up to three nights and I think I'll keep the party going one night til after dinner.  I think if I follow that up with an early start drinking on Friday until at least midnight I think I'll be back on track and ready to party it up in Vegas.

See that's the problem with people going to Vegas and getting so drunk they can't function....they didn't practice.

Partying in Vegas is not for the weak, you've got to have a plan!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Too late review: The threatening non-threat

This isn't a Review, per se, but it is a comment left on a Facebook post.  

What happened to make this person comment doesn't really matter, what matters is how threatening his non-threat is.

By saying "Now that's one business that surely won't get my business." he really means "I've never been to that place before and have never thought of going there, but now that YOU"VE had a bad experience you so called Fauxbook friend, I now have a reason to be outraged.

That's what it is.......people just want to be outraged, no matter what the situation is.

Are you outraged?

Monday, January 11, 2016

Grindr is dead as it's sold off to a Chinese gaming company

It's official, Grindr is dead. 

A 60% stake of Grindr was sold to a Chinese Gaming Company based on a $155MM valuation (so around $93MM)

Why do I say it's over?  The owner is the person who has the greatest stake in a company and since Grindr just sold off 60% of it that means it's no longer owned by the person who started the company.

He's gettin' out while the gettin's good.

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Spirit Airlines has the worst in-flight service

A recent survey shows that Spirit Airlines is the WORST in-flight service, I sort of disagree.

I recently had the opportunity to fly Spirit when I went to visit my parents in Florida, it was my first time flying them, like Jet Blue was the first time I flew them last year when we went to Puerto Rico.

I sort of figured that Spirit would be like Jet Blue but without all the bells and whistles, I was correct.  But I wasn't disappointed, it's what I expected.

I think that air travelers expect too much from an airline.  One of the funniest things I heard while waiting at the gate for my flight was a gentleman sitting behind me saying "I like Spirit, but the nickle and dime you to death." Uhm, dude, isn't that their entire business model?

I just don't understand why someone, like him, would ride a low-cost carrier and then complain about it?  oh that's right, because he expected more.  He thought he was paying rock-bottom prices and getting top-notch service, guess he enjoys the taste of champagne but only has a beer budget.

I actually enjoyed my flight on Spirit, I got to my seat quickly because people weren't clogging up the aisle trying to shove their oversized carry-ons into too full overhead compartments, there weren't people trying to decide "oh where I can I sit but at the same time inconvenience everyone else so I can sit alone," it was actually quite pleasant.

Everyone that I encountered on both trips, were pleasant and helpful and did their jobs, oh wait, I should have expected them to go above and beyond and perhaps meet me at the gate with a bowl of warm nuts, but I didn't, and I didn't get warm nuts.  But I wasn't disappointed either.

I knew what I was getting into, I took my own entertainment, my own bottle for water, my own snack, so all I expected was someone to check my bag, someone to check my ticket and someone to explain the safety procedures to me, and someone to deliver my bag to me in the end.

I got exactly what expected.  American's are turning into a bunch of whiney children who get frustrated or upset when they don't get the treatment that they expect they should have - regardless of who they are.  It's sorta sad

Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

I just have to share this story from last night, because it's just the funniest damn thing.

Some things to know:
- our house is always cold, even with the heat on
- the floors are cold because we're over an unheated storage area
- whenever we have company I always have slippers on hand for people to wear

We had friends over for NYE last night, drill was the same, come in, hug, kiss, take the coat, take off the shoes put on slippers, time to party.

Everything is going fine until Deeohji decides that because Uncle Logan is here, he needs a late night walk.  So Logan agrees to go for a walk, Deeohji is excited.  He goes to put on his shoes and I hear him say "Where'd my shoes go?"

Shortly before this, David had left to go pick up his boyfriend from work, so we figured that somehow, David must have accidentally put on Logan's shoes, because Logan's shoes were no where to be found, I mean we even looked in the closet like a ghost had stolen his shoes and we couldn't find them.

So yeah, David had to have had them, size 11 and all.

I take Deeohji for a walk, come back, we're all settling down in the couch to watch something on TV when Logan looks over at Gregory and says "You're wearing my shoes.  I know because I walk on the outsides of my feet."

Well come to find out, when Gregory came in, I took his coat, offered the slippers and he grabbed the biggest closest pair....which just happened to be Logan's.

I know it's a stupid story, but it was just so funny last night because it was such a big deal of not being able to find Logan's shoes.

I hope you have a wonderful 2016.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Video Store Review

Not necessarily a too late review, but a gem on it's own.

So this reviewer has experience with late fees, which means that he's done it before.  He's probably of the age of the end of Blockbuster when they would do anything to get you to walk in to their fucking store.  He's probably a little bit entitled.

I love his "unfortunately" dude, if it's right before Christmas shouldn't you be packing and buying presents instead of renting a movie, why you waiting to the last minute?

I think he finally came to his own conclusion though, he wishes Blockbuster was still around.