Monday, February 28, 2005

The Parents

So you're probably wondering why I would take a week vacation with my parents.

Well the truth of the matter is, my parents are very cool, and a LOT of fun to be with. My parents are "semi-retired" and they live in Florida for 4 months out of the year in a retirement village where they're referred to as "the kids"

My parents are always having beer gatherings, or cookouts, or playing games, honestlly I can't keep up with them.

Last year when I went to Cancun with them I made a movie, sort of a travelogue. I was showing it to some of my friends and they asked me "How'd you get your parents to do all that stuff." At which point I said, "They're not acting, that's how they are!"

I'm looking forward to going this year, unfortunately my sister isn't going to make it, but she's very busy with work, so she'd rather stay home and make money, go figure!

It's almost vacation time

The weather here sucks. I don't mind winter, but what I do mind is the big flucations in weather we've been having this year.

It will be 12 degrees one day and literally the next day it will be in the mid-40's and then back down to 20.

I think I would like winter a whole lot more if it were just 25 degrees from mid-November through mid-March. That way you know what to expect and you can get used to it.

It's been such a warm weather that there haven't been many nights of "staying home" and watching movies, playing cards, games, etc. In fact I think most of the times that I've gone out I've walked to where I've been going. It just hasn't been one of those winters where you say "it's nasty out, I'm staying in."

But the good thing about later this week is I'm going on vacation! South of the Border Baby! I'm going to Cancun, Mex for a week. My parents own a timeshare there, so I'm going there with them. Plus as a bonus a friend of mine who used to live here moved to Cancun 2 years ago and he actually works at the resort where my parents own, talk about a small world. So I'll get to see him and hang out for a while.

The nice thing is, I can sit on the beach, read a book and drink a nice corona (which is domestic there). It's funny, beer is so cheap there, I remember seeing signs last year where during lunch you could get 3 corona's for like $2, it was so great! Of course at the resort they're $6 but that's what we're used to paying.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

I think I've figured it out

You know, I was going to post yesterday, but the day just really got away somehow. And then I thought about it, I don't need to blog every day. I would like to, but I don't think that I can commit to an unrealistic goal like that.

Instead, I will "try" to post everyday, but if I don't then I'm not gonna torture myself because of it. I think sometimes we set ourselves lofty goals, that we know we can't reach, and we get frustrated.

Such as the gym, who out there hasn't made a new year's resolution (or any resolution) saying that we're going to go to the gym (or do any repetitive activity) on a daily/regular basis. Well we do, but then after about a week or two we start to slow down and then eventually we give up altogether and then we beat ourselves up saying why couldn't I stick with that longer.
Which brings a little insight to my theorem: I go to the gym with my friend J. We work at the same company and go to the gym together after work. So one day we're at the gym and I'm unpacking my gym bag and I realize that I forgot a t-shirt, all I had was a big sweatshirt to wear my friend looks at me and says "If you didn't want to workout why didn't you just say so instead of 'forgetting' your shirt." At which point I told him "If I don't want to go to the gym, do I ever make up excuses with you, No, I just say, "I'm dropping you off at the gym."

So I've decided that for things that I really should do (i.e. go to the gym, post here, post on a photo blog, diet, other repetitive tasks) that I will do my best to abide by what I know I should be doing and what I'm actually doing. I feel better at least.

I hope you feel better!

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Bye Loofa

I got a new Shower Scrunchi, or as the people at Zest Shower Gel like to call it, the Lather Builder.

Well either way, I got rid of the big poofy thing I poured my shower gel on because my boyfriend got me a new one. Which was super nice of him, but I don't like the new "later builder."

It's too small, and it's too tightly wound. The other one was light and airy and poofy, this one is tight and scratchy, I hope it breaks down. But then I worry that if it is breaking down, good lord what am I doing to myself.

So I guess it's gonna be a scratchy "later builder"

Friday, February 25, 2005

Happy Friday, not really.

Thank goodness it's Friday, but unfortunately it wasn't as happy a Friday as I was wishing it would be.

I work for what I consider a medium size company, there's about 450+ people in my building and there's about 1000 overall.

The receptionist at work is the most lively, happy person I know. She also remembers EVERYONE'S name, I mean if you came into our office one time 4 years ago, she would greet you by name. As everyone is walking through in the morning she makes sure that greets EVERYONE by their first name and tells them good morning, honestly it's the best way to start the work day.

But Friday's are the best, in this sing-song voice that she has she sings "Happy Happy Friday" almost like it's the birthday song, and she does it ALL DAY!!!! It really makes a Friday even better than it is. In fact it's her trademark because her license plate says "Happy Friday" (In an acronym), she's the nicest person I've met.

So this morning, I walk in looking forward to the Happy Friday song, but when I walk through the front door she's not sitting behind her glassed in fishbowl, the lady who is the phone operator is sitting there instead, on the phone, and doesn't even have the chance to say hello or anything because she's busy doing two jobs. But there is a sign, that someone in marketing must have made, that's on the interior door that says "Happy Happy Friday."

Believe me, it's not the same.

Oh well, I hope she's back on Monday because she owes me one.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

The second post

Well I guess this is where most people would say "hey this isn't worth it" and then go on with saying "well you know, at one time I had a blog."

So what's my objective with this blog? Honestly I have no idea. I figured it would be some way that I could keep a journal (Dear Diary, today I saw the hottest boy) well if that's what you're looking for, sorry it won't be like that.

But I figure I'd just throw out some funny stories, anectodes and other malapropisms (heck my whole life is that). And you thought that Seinfeld was the only one that had a show about nothing, you could have a life about nothing.

Like I said in my first post (at this point I guess I could make a hyperlink to it, but I won't because you know where to find it), I'm not going to tell my friends about this, which should be interesting because I have a difficult time keeping secrets especially about things like this. But I'll do my best, and I'll have to resort to you helping me spread the word.

So send me some topics you'd like to hear about? I've got opinions about everything, honestly I do!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

So this is the first post

Wow, I can't believe it, I've got my own blog. And just like normal, I'm about 10 years behind everyone else. I was very stylish in the late 80's, too bad it was the early 90's by then, so I'm a little behind.

Who isn't behind? We all are, or at least all of my friends are, but then who knows, we may all just be running at the same speed, which means we're all behind.

Actually though, I'm not that far behind, I'm pretty technologically savvy. I love the gadgets, in fact I just got a very cool gadget, something I knew nothing about but totally blew me away.

So the other day I'm riding on the train talking on the phone with my friend T (I'm not gonna use their real names, they know who they are). Yes I'm one of those people who talk on the phone on the train, but honestly I'm not a shouter, I'm a phone whisperer! So anywhoo, I'm on the phone with T and we're talking about a movie idea that we started at breakfast (more about the movie stuff later). So we've got all these good ideas and I'm like "damn, I wish that I had a notepad." And T jokingly says, "you should have a voice recorder." Ah, splendid idea, I knew they were tapeless now, but didn't know how much they cost, so I decided to do some investigative shopping.

Stopped at the store (sorry no free advertising here), and looked around, they had a whole bunch of different kinds, nothing was exciting, they were around $50, pretty blah and ordinary. But suddenly there was a flash of light off of a package (or it could have been the kid next to me playing with the cameras) and I see this sole, poor, lonely recorder sitting by itself, so being the kind person that I am, I picked it up and looked at it.

WOW is all I could say, very cool, futuristic design and then I start reading: 3 hours talk time, blah blah blah, .3 mp camera, blah blah hey wait, did it say camera? So immediately I knew that I was going to adopt this poor little voice recorder, so I immediately started walking for the cash register. I had FOUND what I wanted, no need looking at anything else in the store (and mind you this is a store I enjoy cruising around in.) I get to the cash register and I'm shaking, as I hand my credit card to the cashier she drops it and it falls on the floor UNDER the cash register. She has to get down on her hands and knees and she's digging around looking for it. This whole time I'm screaming in my head "find it, damn it, find it!" I was just so excited. So she finds the card and then she decides she wants to chit chat before she runs the card. I was almost ready to reach over and run the credit card myself. So she runs it, I sign, I hightail it out of line and down to the lobby. I couldn't wait to open this thing. So here I am sitting in the lobby ripping open one of those plastic cases that don't rip. AH!!! I couldn't get it open, and I wasn't going to go back and ask for scissors, so unfortunately through all of my hyperness, I didn't get to open it and play with it.

But alas, it's a cool toy, you can record voice and any time during that you can take a picture(s) of what ever is around you. Now mind you, the quality is sorta like a crappy cell phone camera, but overall you can tell what you're looking at and who. So when you play it back on your computer it plays the audio file and links the pictures to the file. WAY COOL!

So this turned out to be more than I was planning...but hey it's a first post.

As I've been sitting here writing this, many other situations have been running through my head, so I hope you enjoy this....whoever you are.....because goodness knows I'm not telling my friends about this.