Friday, February 25, 2005

Happy Friday, not really.

Thank goodness it's Friday, but unfortunately it wasn't as happy a Friday as I was wishing it would be.

I work for what I consider a medium size company, there's about 450+ people in my building and there's about 1000 overall.

The receptionist at work is the most lively, happy person I know. She also remembers EVERYONE'S name, I mean if you came into our office one time 4 years ago, she would greet you by name. As everyone is walking through in the morning she makes sure that greets EVERYONE by their first name and tells them good morning, honestly it's the best way to start the work day.

But Friday's are the best, in this sing-song voice that she has she sings "Happy Happy Friday" almost like it's the birthday song, and she does it ALL DAY!!!! It really makes a Friday even better than it is. In fact it's her trademark because her license plate says "Happy Friday" (In an acronym), she's the nicest person I've met.

So this morning, I walk in looking forward to the Happy Friday song, but when I walk through the front door she's not sitting behind her glassed in fishbowl, the lady who is the phone operator is sitting there instead, on the phone, and doesn't even have the chance to say hello or anything because she's busy doing two jobs. But there is a sign, that someone in marketing must have made, that's on the interior door that says "Happy Happy Friday."

Believe me, it's not the same.

Oh well, I hope she's back on Monday because she owes me one.


Andi said...

That is too funny, "she owes you one"....

Did she ever come back? Were your Fridays ever the same again?

Michael said...

Yes she came back, she was jus starting her weekend off early!