Wednesday, February 23, 2005

So this is the first post

Wow, I can't believe it, I've got my own blog. And just like normal, I'm about 10 years behind everyone else. I was very stylish in the late 80's, too bad it was the early 90's by then, so I'm a little behind.

Who isn't behind? We all are, or at least all of my friends are, but then who knows, we may all just be running at the same speed, which means we're all behind.

Actually though, I'm not that far behind, I'm pretty technologically savvy. I love the gadgets, in fact I just got a very cool gadget, something I knew nothing about but totally blew me away.

So the other day I'm riding on the train talking on the phone with my friend T (I'm not gonna use their real names, they know who they are). Yes I'm one of those people who talk on the phone on the train, but honestly I'm not a shouter, I'm a phone whisperer! So anywhoo, I'm on the phone with T and we're talking about a movie idea that we started at breakfast (more about the movie stuff later). So we've got all these good ideas and I'm like "damn, I wish that I had a notepad." And T jokingly says, "you should have a voice recorder." Ah, splendid idea, I knew they were tapeless now, but didn't know how much they cost, so I decided to do some investigative shopping.

Stopped at the store (sorry no free advertising here), and looked around, they had a whole bunch of different kinds, nothing was exciting, they were around $50, pretty blah and ordinary. But suddenly there was a flash of light off of a package (or it could have been the kid next to me playing with the cameras) and I see this sole, poor, lonely recorder sitting by itself, so being the kind person that I am, I picked it up and looked at it.

WOW is all I could say, very cool, futuristic design and then I start reading: 3 hours talk time, blah blah blah, .3 mp camera, blah blah hey wait, did it say camera? So immediately I knew that I was going to adopt this poor little voice recorder, so I immediately started walking for the cash register. I had FOUND what I wanted, no need looking at anything else in the store (and mind you this is a store I enjoy cruising around in.) I get to the cash register and I'm shaking, as I hand my credit card to the cashier she drops it and it falls on the floor UNDER the cash register. She has to get down on her hands and knees and she's digging around looking for it. This whole time I'm screaming in my head "find it, damn it, find it!" I was just so excited. So she finds the card and then she decides she wants to chit chat before she runs the card. I was almost ready to reach over and run the credit card myself. So she runs it, I sign, I hightail it out of line and down to the lobby. I couldn't wait to open this thing. So here I am sitting in the lobby ripping open one of those plastic cases that don't rip. AH!!! I couldn't get it open, and I wasn't going to go back and ask for scissors, so unfortunately through all of my hyperness, I didn't get to open it and play with it.

But alas, it's a cool toy, you can record voice and any time during that you can take a picture(s) of what ever is around you. Now mind you, the quality is sorta like a crappy cell phone camera, but overall you can tell what you're looking at and who. So when you play it back on your computer it plays the audio file and links the pictures to the file. WAY COOL!

So this turned out to be more than I was planning...but hey it's a first post.

As I've been sitting here writing this, many other situations have been running through my head, so I hope you enjoy this....whoever you are.....because goodness knows I'm not telling my friends about this.

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Andi said...

So exactly what was this gadget? I want one!!!!!!

And thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! I love any comments, good or bad (but I'd prefer the good)

I am now going to go through your entire blogging history (3 months worth) and catch up! If you don't mind! :)