Wednesday, March 30, 2005

How to ruin an appetite

Today was the second beautiful day we've had this year to date. It's about 70 degrees, a nice gentle breeze, all the things that make you NOT want to be at work.

Typically, during the work week my co-worker and I go home for lunch (we live across the street from each other, about 2 miles from the office.) But, today he says, "It's so nice, let's find someplace outside to eat."

The only problem is, it's not outdoor eating time yet, that doesn't happen for about another month. So while we're trying to think of a place to go, we drive past this restaurant that we said we were never going to go to again (Long story short, last time we went, we had salad and soup and was $25), and they have a few tables set up outside.....we couldn't resist.

The guy that runs this restaurant appears to be a retired age gentleman that has no idea how to run a restaurant. He comes rumbling out of the restaurant, asks us if we're ready to order, we have no menus, silverware, drinks, etc. and we're like "we need menus."

He gets the menus and hands them to us, and literally says "Do you know what you want?" As I look up at him, I see that he's got this white stuff in the corners of his mouth.

We've all been there, you get a little smoosh, and you just wipe it away......I WISH, he had so much, on both sides of his mouth that I thought he had rabies and was foaming at the mouth. It was so gross, it totally ruined my appetite.

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