Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I'm back, but not really

Hey I'm back from vacation, honestly there's nothing like a week of laying in the sun doing nothing.

I went on vacation with my parents, but we had a great time, we shopped, we ate, we played dominoe's. My parents are really cool, I literally spent no money while I was there.

My parents own a timeshare, and good friends of theirs own the adjoining week, so they all go down for 2 weeks. So by the time I get there, they've already been there for a week.

My Dad meets me in the lobby, I took a shuttle from the airport, really easy! We go to the room for me to change, we see the rest of the gang down by the pool. Hilarity ensues as we're going down the stairs as they're coming up the elevator. We're then going up in the elevator as they're going down the stairs!?! And that was just the start of the vacation.

But as to why I'm back, but not really. I'm now sitting on a Jury in the US District Court. I got a jury notice about a month ago, but got it postponed one week. Unlike the local county jury duty, it's not a one day you're out thing. You have to commit to a two week period where you'll be available to go to court. Well really, you don't have to commit to anything, the government TELLS you when you'll be available for them.

So, what fun, on vacation for a week and on Jury Duty for a week. I really don't want to go back to work now! I think I'm ready to retire.

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