Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The time is gettin close! Major Excitement

I'm getting ready to go to Cancun for a week. I am so psyched!

My parents own a timeshare week there and another couple friend of theirs owns that adjoining week, so the 4 of them go down for two weeks every year.

I think this is their 4th or 5th year going, but it's actually only my second time. I remember a few years ago my parents saying "oh come down" but I never did. So last year instead of us meeting up for Christmas, we met up in Cancun in March.

WOW!!!! The place they stay at is beautiful, and Cancun itself is beautiful (except for all the tourists).

Funny thing, I have a friend that lived in Chicago here, near me, and about 2 years or so ago, he decided to move back to Mexico. I couldn't remember where he said he was going, but last year I ran into some friends of his and they told me how he was working at this resort, selling timeshares, etc. In Cancun.....well long story short, come to find out that he works AT the resort where my parents own! What kind of coincidence is that?

So, Cancun has a lot of great things:
- my Parents
- my Sister
- my Friends

I'm looking forward to seeing my parents (even though I just saw them on my birthday this year, not a usual thing at all. Work sent me to Florida for 3 days and I stayed with them), their friends B & A, and my friend O! Unfortunately my sister has been so busy with work that she's not going to make it this year.

That's ok, we'll have a beer for her, or twenty!

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Backburner said...

I have fond memories of Cancun. Eating good seafood, touring Mayan ruins, white sandy beaches, boating to the Isle Mujeres, warm salty sea breezes. Mmmm