Monday, March 14, 2005

Timeshare living

Have you ever stayed a week in a timeshare? It's really hard to explain, it's sort of like being home but you're not.

It's like they take your neighborhood and move it to a tropical location. Since you go every year during the same time period, you see the same people every year, and the turnover in front of house employees is really slow.

So imagine this, there are some people that you recognize (like the cashier at Walgreen's or the lady at the Dry Cleaners, or that weirdo you see every morning on the bus) and then there's some people that you quasi-recognize (the guy that lives on the same street as you, the girl that lives at the end of the hall on the 2nd floor, that guy you keep running into in the bathroom because you're both on the same pee schedule after drinking beer all night).

You see some employees that you remember (the desk clerk, the girl in the grocery store, and of course those timeshare selling people ) and there's those neighbors (the couple from Sweeden, those crazy Canadians and those ol so Blazin' Brazilians) that you remember from last year.

It's bizarre how you remember people, maybe you played bingo with them or played roulette and they really won, or maybe they were just sitting at the pool next to you and you sort of bond. You find that one thing between you that you have in common and that's what you go with, it's a wonderful way of knowing someone.

Because honestly think about it, everyone is wonderful on vaction. Who's an asshole on vacation. No One! Even assholes have to take a break.

So I like timeshare living because everyone's nice, almost Xanex Nice!

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