Monday, April 18, 2005

Al fresco anyone?

It was 80 degrees today, the warmest day so far. I'm afraid that we're going to go directly from winter to summer, but I hope spring stays around a little while.

This evening it was so mild we decided to have our first hillbilly dining event of the year.

My best friends live across the street from me, we can see our apartments from each other and often we'll call and wave at each other.

My grill, which I've had since 1995, is over at their house. Really I figure that it's so old and it's going to explode, their place would be the best, I mean it's probably going to be torn down in a year or so anyway, an explosion may just help it along (Please dear god, don't let this happen).

Actually, I've live on the third floor and we have a non-existent back porch area that there is no place to put it. Plus my landlord won't let me have one anyway.

To make a long story short, I know - too late (that's my oldest line that I have), Jimmy stopped at the grocery store and got some steaks, so we grilled out.

Jimmy made a wonderful use of the grill, we had: grilled corn, steamed/grilled vegetable medly, and a mouth wateringly delicious steak. Tomorrow we're having Lemon/Pepper Chicken Breasts tomorrow for lunch, I can't wait!

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Andi said...

OK, I did it. Read thorugh all your posts! Would you mind if I linked you on my blog?

I'm going to look at all your pictures soon, and I'm also going to do that 43 things list. I liked that idea.