Saturday, April 30, 2005

Do you iTune?

Do you use iTunes?

I got an iPod back in November and I totally love it. I've got more than 6000 songs, almost my entire CD Collection, and it's great to be able to just call up any song at any time (well as long as it's a Soundtrack or a Showtune, LOL).

I noticed the other day that in iTunes it keeps track of the last time that you listened to a song, the strangest thing is that I can look all the way back to when I got the thing and see the songs I listened to for the first time.

It is really bizarre if you think about it, keeping track of all the songs you've ever listened to. Out of 6000 songs I've probably only listened to about 5-8% of them, it's amazing to run through the list and look at all the songs I've yet to listen to.

I've got 18.1 days worth of music available, I'd better get busy.

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