Friday, April 22, 2005

Gotta Love the Dollar Store

We just got a new Family Dollar store in the neighborhood and I love it, they have a lot of name-brand products at great prices.

But I just saw this article on MSNBC where condoms and pregnancy tests were recalled because they may be faulty.

Their main distribution channels are Dollar Stores.

I wonder how many people got a surprise 9 months later? "But I don't understand, we used the condoms and the pregnancy test from the Dollar Store!"

Don't say nuthin' just think about it. (If you can name the movie that line is from, I will love you.)


Ms Mac said...

Oh dear! Not a good ad for the Family Dollar store. But I'm such a cheapskate I'd buy the faulty goods anyway!

I have no idea what movie that line is from. Can you give me another? I'm liking this whole "I will love you" thing!

Michael said...

Here's another clue:

"If I had known that sister was going to die, I never would have quit smoking"

TaraMetBlog said...

I just went to the dollar store today to pick up some bag clips, to better seal the my cereal bags. Anyway, there aren't any Family Dollars in the city but I have been to one near my family's house.

The movie quote isn't ringing any bells for me :(

Andi said...

I have no idea which movie it came from but I so watch a million movies..... and should know!

But I love the Dollar Store for quick "I need it now" crap, like batteries etc.,

Ms Mac said...

Gahhh! Still don't know it!

Michael said...

Ok, I'll kill the suspense:

The movie is SORDID LIVES

Check out: