Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I am so gonna tell

I’ve not told anyone about my blog, and I mean no one, other than the traffic sites and the like (btw, THANK YOU Andrea, you’re such a sweetheart)

I’ve not told any of my friends that I’m doing this, not my best friends, not my mother, not my boyfriend, not the lady that lives next door, no one. I guess I sort of wanted a totally anonymous venue, someplace where I could be (well attempt to be) totally honest because no one knows me, other than by what I write. Does anyone else feel like that? I sometimes have a difficult time expressing myself with my voice, so I thought this would be a good way to practice.

But now I feel like I need to tell my boyfriend. Not that I’m doing anything naughty on here, (hell it’s actually REALLY TAME) but I want him to know about it. I don’t want him to think that I’m hiding anything from him, because I’m not, I want him to know why I’m doing this, and I’ll explain that to him (it’s too long to go into here).

Although, I’ve decided, I am not going to give him the URL so he can just come read it, that wouldn’t be fair either. I’ve actually placed it on a few profiles I have out there so I’m going to tell him that if he really wants to find it, he has all of the information available to find it, he just needs to search around a bit.

Do you think that’s fair of me? When you started blogging did you share with your friends from the start?


Andi said...

I told everyone...... but now, after the fact realise that not everyone needed to know, specifically people I want to bitch about! My husband has had two blogs, the first one he dumped because people at his work found it, so he got another one and didn't tell anyone!

Robin said...

Sometimes it’s best to keep this type of thing ‘virtual’, I know I hash out a lot of my thoughts and feelings- during the heat of emotion- and it can be tough for close friends & family to comprehend.

Keely said...

I do not recommend telling your friends and family. One of the great things about this venue is that you can complain about them if you need to . You will never feel comfortable being totally honest if they might be reading.

Michael said...

I told the boyfriend on Tuesday evening about the blog. He seemed sort of indifferent, which surprised me. At first he said, "Oh are you going to give me the link so I can go read all about it." and I told him "No, it's not about you, so you don't need to read it."

That was sort of the end of the conversation, so he's aware, he knows that I'm not writing about him in a bad way. So maybe one day he'll find it, we'll see how good of a detective he is : -)

I appreciate everyone's input!

Ms Mac said...

The way I see it is like this. If you see this as a personal journal that you would otherwise write in a book, would you be comfortable with him reading it?

Mine isn't. My blog is more a record of what I've been doing, rather than thinking so I thought why not share it with my loved ones overseas who can see what we're all up to or how the boys are growing.