Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I've been carrying a purse!

Oh My God, or as the kids say now-adays OMG!!!!!

I just realized that I've been carrying a purse. Well I shouldn't say "just realized" I've known for a while. While my boyfriend and I were on in London last year, I found this great little messenger bag. I've never been a "bag" person before, a bookbag here and there, but nothing beyond that. But a friend of mine got this beautiful messenger bag and I've been envious since then because it was just the perfect size....well, I digress, where was I? Oh yes, the purse.

Ok, we were in London, we were on the street shopping, spied a bag, liked it, bought it, while we were there some guy tried to sell us hash....ah London!

So I've been carrying this bag since then, and I love it because I can carry my iPod, my camera, a notebook, maybe a bottle of water, clip on the phone and I'm ready to go....but the only thing is, the strap goes across your chest, so it's sorta awkward putting on and taking off.

Which leads me to why I'm changing bags.

I was looking for some file folders, when I started going through the file cabinet that has been sitting in my cube for a year, and I've never opened it. I'm not sure why it's even there, other than to hold my Dilbert calendar, about the third drawer down I came across this REALLY COOL Canvas Messenger Bag from a trade show, so I asked the guy in the cube next to me if he wanted it....he didn't, so it was mine!

It's almost perfect, it's big enough to hold my thermos and magazines, it's not big engough to carry gym clothes. But it's just canvas and if you carry more than a few things it bulges here and there and the flap doesn't go down and it's not pretty anymore. It's sort of like the two faced girl on Seinfeld...that's a whole other topic.

So I like my new bag, but I still really like my "mini" me, so I guess I have two purses mother is going to be so proud!

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