Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Parking Spot

I've got a parking spot, YEAH! Because parking in my neighborhood can be a hit or miss kind of thing. Well basically I come home from work, park the car and only go where public transit will take me, because I know later in the evening, I'll never find a parking spot.

So I got a parking spot behind my best friends apartment (you know the ones that live across the street), and I got a sweet deal $50 a month. They just put up a flyer in my building for a spot in the back and they want $140 a month!!! Outrageous.

So now I drive places, which is nice, but the only problem is every now and again there's someone in my spot.

There's a burger/hot dog eating place (I can't call it a restaurant or a fast food place, it's just a hole in the wall) in the same building where my friends live. And their one driver INSISTS on parking half in his spot and half in my spot. So twice now this week (and it's only Wednesday) I've had to ask them to move their car so I could get in my spot.

It just amazes me sometimes what people are thinking.......

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