Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Bad Neighbor

Maybe I’m not the bad neighbor

I live on the third, and top floor, of my apartment building. A while ago, the guy that lives below me left me a hate-gram because I had apparently played my music “too early” in the morning, in his thumb-tacked to my door letter he proceeded to cite police code and landlord/tenant laws. Just a bit of a background on him, he’s around my age, white, single and lives alone (maybe that’s his problem), it’s not like he’s a 90 year old woman with her hearing aid turned up too loud.

Since then, I’ve been very conscious of the noise I make in my apartment, and considering that I have hard wood floors it’s somewhat of a difficult proposition, but I take into account what it would be like if there were someone that lived above me.

A few weeks ago UPS attempted to make a delivery to my neighbor and since he wasn’t home they left a notification slip, you know the kind that you sign and then they’ll leave the package for you the next day.

When I left for work the following morning the delivery slip is back out there with this scrawl, and I mean literally a scrawl of a signature on it.

When I got home from work that evening the delivery tag is still there, the package is not and there’s a note from the UPS guy stating “Please provide a legible signature.” I agree with the guy, it was the worst signature I’ve ever seen. I mean, at least on mine you can tell my name.

Flash forward to the next morning when I’m leaving for work. The delivery slip is back out there again, and in addition to the original signature, the note from the UPS guy there’s another note from my neighbor that states “This is my signature.”

Uhm, it was at that moment, that I realized, I’m not the asshole that lives upstairs. I’m the guy that lives above the asshole.

Really...is it wise to pick a fight with the UPS guy who has your package?


Ms Mac said...

Ahhh neigbours, you gotta... well, you gotta hate 'em really!

It sounds to me like the guy downstairs is a total knob! Yes, you are definitely the good neighbour.

Andi said...

Michael you should so read Ms Macs post about the notes she has had from her Swiss neighbours!!!!!

This guy sounds like a total arse and no, you don't want to be messing with a guy who has your package (oo-er missus)...

Michael said...

I have been reading Ms. Mac's postings thanks to a finding her on your website.

It's good to see that neighbors can be a pain no matter where you live.