Friday, May 20, 2005


Have you ever noticed that people increasingly have a difficult time doing math in their head.

I can do simple math in my head, but I've never thought that I was "amazing" in any way, can't everyone do that?

We went to Wendy's for lunch today and my total was $5.33 so I handed the girl a twenty dollar bill and 38 cents, so that she would give me a nickel back instead of 67 cents in change.

She looked at the change, looked at me, looked back at the change and then looked back at me with this look on her face where I'd just handed her a nice warm turd or something.

So I just said, "that way you can just give me a nickel back."


Andi said...

You know whats even worse? All they have to di is type in how much change you gave them and the register tells them how much to give you back!

and they still look dumb!

My son works in McDonalds and he is exactly the same *hangs head in shame*

Andi said...

Oh and thanks for that picture you sent of the 80's gear. It totally gave me some ideas for my party! Are you coming? If not, are you participating at home and sending me some pics?

Ms Mac said...

Oh dear, for some it seems mental arithmetic is more like nuclear physics (Which I can do in my head also!)