Saturday, May 21, 2005

I think I had a freak out

I was just flipping channels, taking a break from editing this movie and I think I just had a "freak out" but I'm not sure.

I should explain, that I don't have cable so I'm relegated to watching the channels that are broadcast in the greater Chicagoland area, 16 channels. Which I don't think is too bad, I grew up in NE Pa and we only got 4 channels and that was on a good day.

I digress, so of the 16 channels, 11 channels are in english, 4 are spanish and one changes from korean, spanish, pakistani, (it's sort of like a public broadcast type channel.)

So I was flipping channels and I ended up on the sole channel that I don't understand. I think it was a news program from India, and literally I could not make out ANY sound/noise/vocalization that they were uttering. All I could hear were clicks and whistles, at first I thought I was going crazy. Because typically you can pick out certain words in languages like French, Spanish, German, but this was the most bizarre language I've ever heard and they were talking so fast.

It made my head hurt, so I turned off the tv and wrote this.

Have a beautiful Saturday!

1 comment:

Ms Mac said...

Watch yourself! What if it wasn't actually Indian and was an alien laguage, trying to get you under control?

I can be quite ridiculous sometimes!