Thursday, May 05, 2005

I think I've seen it all

It never phases me any longer when I see someone who is obese order a hot fudge sundae and a diet coke, inside I just laugh.

But the other day I was walking down the main drag in Greenville (which is pretty nice btw) and they have a Cold Stone Ice Cream place...out front they had some little bistro tables so patrons could sit under the trees and eat their ice cream, very nice.

As I'm approaching this area, I see this obese woman sitting outside eating a HUGE sundae, I mean honest to goodness it was half the size of my head. I was more amazed at that....

But next to her was a baby carriage, and I thought "Oh cute, a baby" as I got closer I was trying to figure out why this woman (who was in her late 50's) had a baby carriage, then I thought well it's probably her grandbaby.

I'm right up next to this lady now and I look into her carriage and it wasn't a baby at all, it was a very fat, very old poodle.

So picture this, an obese 50 year old woman, eating ice cream pushing her baby carriage around that has a fat old poodle in it.....

Only in the south!

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Andi said...

Its times like that that you serruptisiously (sp?) take pictures Michael.

Lesson number two of Blogging: Always carry your camera with you!!!

(listen to me, like I know it all ! lol!!!)