Sunday, May 08, 2005

The iPod incident

You know it’s getting scary how often people are zoned out listening to music. I can say that because I am one.

Sometimes when I don’t want to deal with people, but I have to be out running errands I’ll just pull on my headphones, turn up the showtunes and go girl!

Yesterday was one of those days, I had to go the grocery store, Costco and a few other places so when I got to Costco I pulled on the headphones and I was ready to rock. I had my list, so I knew I wouldn’t be distracted by someone yelling “Youse wanna try some braaaats?” Or trying to get me to sign up for Karate Lessons.

At least I thought I was ready, until I almost ran over an old woman with my cart. She was directly behind me almost up on my ass when I decided I would do a quick 180 degree turn and go look at something.

The look of horror on her face (I think she had visions of that whole bathtub incident of ’87 when she and her boyfriend broke their hips.) and on mine made me decide that perhaps I shouldn’t put on my headphones.

Sometimes it is good to zone out, like when you’re going for a walk, or your sitting on the train with no hotties to look at, or when you really need to do some work but you don’t want to be sitting at home doing it.

What I've learned is there are good places to be zoned out...and bad places to be zoned out.

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