Saturday, May 21, 2005

Mexican Game Show

The Host
Originally uploaded by mlehet.
In America we have lame game shows, The Price is Right; Jeopardy; Wheel of Fortune.

But foreign countries have the most bizarre and out of this world types of game shows.

I had my tv on earlier and typically I'll turn it to a spanish channel station so that there's noise, but I won't be tempted to watch it.

Today there was this bizarre "game show" on. I don't know what else to really call it. These big straight guys came out dressed in drag. Proceeded to grab a man out of the audience who helped them get on the back of a mechanical bull. The audience member then jumped on the back of the bull with the guy in drag and they proceed to ride the bull.

It was the MOST bizarre thing I've ever seen.

This guy was the host, and he was totally out there.

I so wish I could speak spanish right now!


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