Sunday, May 08, 2005

There are some crazy blogs

I was doing some blog surfing this evening.

As I'm going through these, the same thought keeps running through my brain "Why did this person start this blog?"

There are some blogs that are religious, those related to news, those to geneology, there's a blog for everything for everytime.

There's the 12 year old girl who's trying to get through puberty. There's the 40 year old man trying to get through middle-age.

It's interesting to read some people's perspective on things, it's strange to see how some people write, and how poor their grammar/spelling/syntax are. I actually saw a site that spoke in what I thought was some foreign language but it was all abbreviations and quick "text" key type messages. There are those where you're sure the person is sitting in the middle of thier living room looking at all of the lovely aluminum foil on the walls that is used to deflect the beams from the aliens (or the government).

But then I got to thinking, everyone has a blog now. Mom, Grandpa, the postman, the lady at the dry cleaners. Which got me to can you tell who's "crazy", who's a little "off" or who's a real threat.

With the advent of Cell Phones and wireless headsets, it's difficult to tell if the person talking to themselves in the middle of the street is crazy...or are they on the phone?

it's all just a grey area now.


Karen said...

And then you start to think ... am I one of *those* people??

Michael said...

I know.

So I'm trying to do my best to not become one of those crazies.

I've only been here (blogging) for a short time so I think I should wait a little bit longer!