Monday, May 02, 2005

What's your perfect clothes year?

Earlier I posted that I found my perfect clothes year, it's 1995.

You're probably wondering how I came upon this decision.

My boyfriend gave me this great sweater to wear one day when I was over at his place. It's sort of a pea green, zip up the front, but it's a nice square cut and it just fits me really well. He asked me if I wanted it, and I told him of course. He then said, "Oh I've had that forever, it's from 1995 you can have it."

But THEN, we went to Atlanta to see some friends for the birthday. We stayed with my great friends Mark & Chris (aka Fred & Ethel, that's a whole other post). Chris (Ethel) pulled these sweaters out of the closet that I had given him when I moved North and I was like, "Oh my god, I got those like 10 years ago I can't believe you still have them." Can I have them back?

I tried to convince him that they were from "my year" they were the perfect fit for me now.

Hey, at least my clothes year wasn't like 1987 with the Z Cavarici shirts and Jordache jeans.

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