Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Whew....the movie is finished

It's in the Can! Well, actually it's on videotape.

A friend is turning 40 and there's a big group of people going to Florida over the weekend to help celebrate. Me and my bright ideas decided about 2 months ago that I would "make a movie" for him for his 40th birthday.

So I got a whole bunch of pictures from his family, some video tapes you know all the prerequisite stuff.

But I decided that I didn't want to do a boring "You're 40" video so I sat down with some friends and we developed a storyline. Basically the story is this guy (my friend) has insomnia and can't sleep. His lover wakes up at 3:00 am and finds the bed empty, his partner is out watching infomercials, but each of the infomercials are "sets" of pictures about the birthday boy (childhood, teen years, college, current, etc.) So everytime he flips the channel there's another set of pictures.

Sorta corny, but the funny thing is, I actually GOT my friends to act in the movie without actually knowing that it was his birthday movie (his partner was in on the whole thing so that was easy) but I made up this story about filming something else, blah blah blah..."would you please be in my movie."

So I've been working and editing, and fixing, and correcting and last night about 9:30 I finally got it on VHS which means it's DONE!!!!!!

I am actually very happy with the finished project, my friend who's turning 40 is probably going to shit his pants because he has NO IDEA at all, and only a few other people really know either, so it's gonna be funny across the board.

I'm showing it to a co-worker today at 3:30 so that will be it's official premier.

But I'll let you know how the birthday party goes!


Fizzy said...

just returning to see how the Jolly Rancher experiment went.

This film sounds a brill idea...clever you. I think I would only think of the boring stuff.

Ms Mac said...

How cool! You know now if my friends don't do that for my 40th I'm going to be so pissed off!

Oh, that's years and years and years away, by the way!

Andi said...

Oh DO let me know. That sounds so cool! and yes, I'll totally be expecting something like that on my 40th birthday which, quite like Ms Mac, is in the next century somewhere.......