Thursday, June 30, 2005

Belt Buckle

A few weeks ago I went to a Cubs game with some folks from work. We were working on a project and this was our "treat" the company paid for tickets (whoo hoo, all $17 a piece).

The Red Line goes right by my house (well 2 blocks away) and right next to Wrigley Field so it's a nice short trip to the ballpark.

Since it was a Game Night the train was full of suburbanites but there was this one guy standing and when I looked at him, I immediately said "gay."

About 5'8", 150 lbs, hair that was cut in one of those "chunky" new styles with a bandana around the back, tight (and I mean tight) faded blue jeans, he had earrings in both ears, he looked like the consummate fag to me, and hey I should know!

The only interesting thing about him (other than he was totally primping and trying to make himself look pretty) was that he had a belt buckle on that was an LED screen, it was probably 2 inches by 4 inches and it could display messages, etc.

Guess what it said "Sorry boys I'm str8" Well now, come on, if you're always being accused of being gay, and you're not, shouldn't you do something about it? Other than advertise on your really gay belt buckle that you're not gay?

Then he started fiddling around with it and changed the message.....he changd it to his phone number....I wish I was that full of myself sometimes!


Katya said...

the question is...did you call

and alaska was fabulous, well worth the driving we did to get thre...glad you liked the photos, i hope to get some more up at the weekend...


Michael said...

No, I didn't call him, don't think the boyfriend would approve. Although I should have written the number down and prank called him, LOL

Ms Mac said...

What a knobend!

Quite obviously gay, I wouldn't have called him, your description of him makes his sounds like he could only ever be in love with himself!

Nickle Annie said...

I need a belt like that! Only mine would read "I'm not fat, I'm smuggling fish!" LOL!

Chgo said...


Those belt buckles are awesome you, should have taken a pic of him. Or taken down his number to call and tell him he WAS gay.