Thursday, June 23, 2005

Curious and Curiouser

I was surfing around flickr this afternoon because I decided to stay home this evening.

Tonight was to be Party III out of a series of IV, but it's just too darn hot. This event was going to be "on the plaza" aka - outdoors, and it's almost 90 degrees now up here near the lake, the party is downtown which means it's gonna be hotter there. Plus it's a business networking pride party, so it's not shorts/flip flops kind of weather, so I'm sitting at home having a little smoke.

But, I was surfing around flickr, how do you typically surf? I'll find someone I like on the main page and then start looking at the people on their sites who leave messages, save as favorites, etc. Is that how you do it?

I found this one flickr account that had no pictures of it's own...but instead had about 25 saved favorite photos for a celebrity that has an account. It's sort of like cyber stalking, as I was sort of creeped out that they had an empty account but had favorites.

I somehow ended up on Rosie O'Donnell's flickr page which was pretty cool. As I was looking through her photostream I saw all of these people who had said they had chosen that picture as a favorite. Ok, either I'm really fucked up in what I like/don't like, or there are a lot of crazy people out there.

She has some interesting things on there, but honestly nothing that I would mark as my "favorite" people are so weird.

But then, I like ketchup with my Grilled Cheese sandwiches (which I had for lunch today and freaked out my lunch partner.)

It's started me looking to see who has my pictures listed as a favorite......oops, no one does...LOL...whew, I'm so relieved.


Ms Mac said...

OMG! Celebs have Flickr accounts? Which ones? Good celebs?

This flickr thing could be taking over my life! Just another internet based activity designed to keep me away from the housework! Yay!

Chgo said...

LOL. Rosie rocks. Well not really but I went on her blog and signed up and she has sent me some free stuff. She's like the oprah of the internet. And the email account number has not been spammed once, so I think she may not be full of bs when she says she wont sell your info.