Saturday, June 25, 2005

Extended Warranty

Time shifted post, so that it comes after the one above this one.

I bought my camera two years ago and I love it, it's small, I always carry it with me and it takes great pictures.

When I bought it from Best Buy, I purchased the extended warranty, because the salesman told me they covered batteries.

I never buy the extended warranties on products because I never anticipate having the product that long, but I knew I was going to have this camera for a while.

I beat this camera up so badly, it's tossed around and around, gets packed in luggage, thrown in my pocket with my keys.

But the great thing is, the case is metal. If I ever buy another camera, I will make sure it has a metal case. It's so much sturdier than those plastic things.

Plus since I bought the warranty I don't care how I treat it because I know I'll get a better camera when I kill this one.

But the real reason I bought the warranty was because they cover the battery. I couldn't beleive my salesperson because I had never heard of them covering anything the battery or something that wasn't part of the camera, but they do.

Last summer my battery started to die, so I went into Best Buy told them I needed a new battery, they gave me a claim number and a phone number to call. Within a week I had shipped FedEx to me a new battery! I couldn't believe how easy it was.....and they're going to cover it for 4 years, that's almost $240 there if you figure a new battery is easy $60 PLUS, when this camera dies, they'll have to replace it with an equivalent type because Olympus doesn't sell this anymore, which means that I'll get an even better camera and I won't have to pay for it : -)

I'm glad that I bought that warranty!

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