Thursday, June 02, 2005

Flying Angst

We just got back from a trip to Ft Lauderdale to help a friend celebrate this 40th birthday.

It's too far to drive so we took lovely Spirit Airlines down there, flying nowadays is so strange. I think that because air travel is fairly inexpensive now, ANYONE can fly, and I mean anyone.

For example:

There was this guy on the plane who somehow lost his boarding pass between the gate (where he had to present it to get on the plane) and his seat. He then proceeded to argue with the lady who he "thought" was in his seat, even though he couldn't prove it.

There was the guy who, as soon as we landed (literally) had his cellphone on and was checking email. I was wondering, who is this self-righteons, pompous ass who can't be out of communication for a three-hour flight?

There was this guy who was sitting in the back of the plane with us, and as soon as we were at the gate and the rang the bell to let us know, he went sprinting down the aisle so he could be the first one off.

Why do people behave so badly on airplanes? It's almost as bad as the way people drive in parking lots?


Kat said...

No screaming children?

Michael said...

Surprisingly, ALL of the children were well behaved!