Thursday, June 23, 2005

I'm gonna grumble and then it's over

This isn't my typical kind of post, so I'll make it short. A person that I consider a very good friend, always takes advantage of me....I know you say "well you let yourself get taken advantage of." But that's not true.

We ride to work together, we live a block from each other, we go to the gym together. So this is a person that is a very good friend.

Here's what happened the other day.

We're walking to the car after work, I've got some things I have to take care of and he says "oh, can we please stop by the grocery store. I don't want to carry everything home." So what am I supposed to say, he knew all day that he had to go to the grocery store, yet waited until the last possible moment to ask.

Then just now, the phone rings, and it's him (I almost didn't answer it) and he says "what are you doing tonight?" "Nothing just watching TV and stuff." "Well," hem haw, "The A/C isn't working over here, can my dog and I come over and sleep at your house?" What the hell am I supposed to say, "No, it's 90 degrees, deal with it."

He does this all the time, always at the last minute, and it's always an emergency and I always feel as though I'm being put on the spot and if I say no I'm the bad guy.....ugh!

Ok, I'm done, I feel better.


Kat said...

He sounds annoying. Do you think maybe he doesn't know he's annoying? At least you can rant about it here and feel a little better!

Michael said...

Well he's not annoying, he really is a good person. But I guess he just knows how "to work me" and it makes me feel bad.

Chgo said...

I think a person that know how to roll you like that is annoying and people like that pretend not to know but they do, and they do it on purpose because nice people let them get away with it.

Michael said...

CHGO, I totally agree with you. But what do you do when you've been friends with this person for more than 5 years. Sometimes I feel as though I'm being unreasonable and that I should try to support him more instead of thinking about myself. But then I know if I do that, he'll just ask for more.

He's actually getting ready to move soon, I know he's going to ask me to help him, and I HATE moving. I'm going to tell him no.