Saturday, June 25, 2005

A new camera

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No, not for me, for the boyfriend. His birthday was a few weeks and I didn't know what to buy him. I was going to get him one of those portable DVD players, but I knew he'd never use it. About a week before his birthday he said that he wanted to buy a new printer, and he had been hinting about a digital camera. The one has is really old, it's not as old as the Sony Mavica's, but it's just a generation younger than that.

Remember the Sony Mavica that wrote the pictures to disk, that was so controversial and exciting. No need for those crappy memory cards, use disks that you already have. I had one of those, an old boyfriend bought it for me because he was mean to me... : -)

I'm learning Photoshop and I thought a funny picture would be one of those Sony Mavica's, but instead of it writing on a disk drive, it wrote to an 8-Track Tape....I think it would be funny.

But wow, I'm really off topic, so we now return you to your regularly scheduled (or unscheduled) blog entry:

I bought the boyfriend a new camera for his birthday, it's been sitting in a box at my house! So I broke it out and got it ready for him to take some pictures. You know it's been killing me that there have been unopened electronics sitting in the house unused - it's a SIN!

So the camera takes pretty nice photos, not bad for one of those Printer/Camera all in one box kind of deal.

Plus, I just got a haircut this morning and a shave, I feel like a new man. And I'm getting ready to go get a manicure!

Now that I've finished my original post, I'll compound on the camera. He had been hinting about getting a new digital camera, and I was thinking that would be a really nice present for him.....and then he starts talking about the Sony Cybershot DSC-T7. Yeah I'd like one of those too.

I know how the boyfriend is, he bought a Dell Jukebox and had it for about 6 months before he destroyed it somehow. He dropped it, or it fell in the snow, or it got left outside in the rain, I don't know what he did, but he killed it. So I decided to start looking for a camera for him, but I wanted to get him a junker, one that he could use and abuse and not have to worry about it when he kills it.

I got him the Fuji FinePix A120 and it's really nice, it runs off of AA batteries, it's light and it's small.

My personal camera is the Olympus Digital Stylus 300 (which I just realized they don't sell anymore). That's good for me, alright this post is getting too long. I'll start a new one.


FunkyB said...

I love camera tech talk! My hubby started out with the old Mavica too. It was his first camera. Then he switched to analogue (film) and never looked back. He's shooting medium and large format - strictly film. I started out strictly film with a Minolta first, then a Nikon. About six months ago I discovered Mavica now writes to 8mm cd, so I grabbed one of those. Then hubby bought me a digital back for my Nikon and I haven't cracked open a canister of film since!

Michael said...

How long have you been into photography? I've always enjoyed it, but never had a camera growing up that was my own, etc..

I started about 9 years ago playing with digital cameras, at first it was just a "toy" sort of like the old "brownie" cameras, LOL! That Mavica is not an easy camera to carry around.

But I only recently really got involved with it about 2 years ago when I got this Olympus, I'm just now starting to play with "artistic" types of shots, I have no training and I just learn and go, but I enjoy it a lot.

The thing I enjoy more is making movies though, I've made about a dozen movies but mostly "vacation" type programs things like that. But my friends and I did make a movie last summer!

Nickle Annie said...

w00t! How hot are you! Sexy Man!

My husband has a Nikon digital. Don't ask specifics cause I don't know! LOL! All I know is that it fits his lenses from his 35mm.

I have a little Nikon CoolPics 995. I'm not a great photographer but it gets the job done!

Chgo said...

What in darnations? You mean you get gifts like digital cameras when you have a bf?

I've been going about this all wrong!


Very nice of you to get him a camera, hope he doesn't kill it too soon.