Monday, June 27, 2005

New Shoes and Makeup

New Shoes
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I went shopping yesterday.

I decided it was way too hot to be standing outside watching the Gay Pride Parade (plus if I want to see a bunch of gay boys I just need to go to the bars, LOL). It was in the 90's yesterday and there was no way that I was going to be taking off my shirt.

I even canceled an event with the Boyfriend because it was so hot. He was disappointed, but he was with his family so he had fun.

Instead of the parade I decided to go shopping downtown. I love going "downtown" it's a 45 minute train ride that's filled with crazy people and considering it was The Taste and Gay Pride the train was overflowing with all sorts of people.

I had to run some errands becuase I had been pushing them off so I went to Marshall Fields at Water Tower place. I got some moisturizer and eye cream (Gurl) and had a nice conversation with the counter girl, she gave me some really good tips to help clear up my skin and even threw in an exfoliater sample, whoo hoo!

I then went to look at some Man Bags as I like the one I have, but I'm looking for a new one. But they didn't have any I liked. As I was leaving the mall area I saw Steve Madden and I thought I'd go see what was new.

You have to understand, I enjoy shoe shopping as much as I enjoy looking under the hood of a car. Typically I'll see a pair of shoes and go ok those are good, are they the right size, let's go.

But I actually tried on three different pair and liked these the best. There was actually a pair I liked better (Black with a pale yellow stripe) but they didn't have my size.

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