Monday, June 06, 2005

Not the best of Monday's

Before I begin, I want to say that I struggled with the idea of creating this post, but I wanted to share.

My Mom called me yesterday to tell me that my Grandmother (87 years old) was just diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer.

She had a persistent sore throat for about a month, and was trying to take care of it herself, but she called my mom last week and said that she was having problems swallowing. The immediately went to the hospital where they did some tests and ended up taking a biopsy.

It turns out that the cancer is malignent : -( ( I really don't think that there is an emoticon to express how I'm feeling right now).

I called my Grandmother today, and although she sounded a little down she did sound good overall.

I don't know much more, as they're still trying to figure everything out (course of treatment, etc.)

I know she'll be fine, my Mother is a two time cancer survior (Thyroid cancer as well, and Breast cancer). My Mom's a fighter and I know my Grandmother is.

I'm just so sad that at 87 years old she has to go through this now.

I've already had my cry about it (in fact I've cried more than when I found out that I was sick), so if you have a moment please think of my Grandmother and all those around the world who are suffering from cancer.

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Ms Mac said...

Oh Michael, sorry!