Friday, June 03, 2005

Panda Walking

Panda Walking
Originally uploaded by mlehet.

The animals are going to start taking over, I know it!

At first it was "funny" when an animal would walk on it's hind legs, everyone would say "Oh isn't that cute, he's walking like us."

But just wait, it's only a matter of time before they're holding ray guns and herding us all into Yankee Stadium.

Here's the article about this Red Panda in China.

The funny thing about both of these articles is that they're both from Asia....hmmmmmm


Janey said...

I find this to be rather perverse, but when I checked out the link, I noticed that the photo was posted on Not that I want to disparage my Canadian neighbors, but don't you think that photo looks doctored, eh? I'm such a naysayer. It rained on me on the way home from work and my hair has frizzed. Wah!

Karen said...

Hey, no dissing the Canadians 'eh?

Not that I want to feed fodder to the fire, but ... back in the 80s two red pandas were on loan from China to the Toronto Metro Zoo....

Ms Mac said...

That panda looks like a panto costume to me. And it even looks like the amateur production society couldn't even afford to buy a matching haed and body!

Did that make any sense at all?