Friday, June 03, 2005

Pop Up Ad's are Everywhere

Place: The Beach at South Beach Miami
Time: Memorial Day Weekend

Imagine're lying on a nice lounge chair under a big blue umbrella on the lovely shores of the Atlantic Ocean almost at the tip of Southern Florida.

The sun is shining and there's a cool breeze while you're sipping your ice cold pink lemonade, the music you brought is playing quietly in the background and you're enjoying watching all of the hotties on the beach.

Sounds tranquil doesn't it? It was. It was a beautiful experience, that is until the Pop Up Ad's started.

Pop Up Ads you say? But you're on the beach, well amazingly the beach is no longer safe from Pop Up Ads.

We were enjoying our afternoon when a single airplane flew buy pulling a huge banner behind it advertising someone who was going to be somewhere at sometime during the evening. And then another one...and another one....and another one.

At one point there were 4 airplanes in the air pulling banners. Some had big lettering (obviously those people paid a lot) and others had really small lettering (so much so that you couldn't even read what it was for, uh oh). There was even one time when two airplanes were piggybacking and were almost on top of each other pulling banners.

But then, it was South Beach, it was Memorial Day Weekend (also Hip Hop Weekend as we found out) and the beach was crowded......I just found it very interesting that even when you're sitting on the beach you're bombarded with advertising, oh well, we asked for it!


Katya said...

them banners things are really expensive to pull, that and sky kinda spoils the view though...

thanks for stopping by and commenting over at my blog, i've linked you, hope thats ok...


Ms Mac said...

Oh how annoying! And how very tacky!