Thursday, June 16, 2005

Throwing away ketchup

When I was growing up, we were poor. But looking back at it, I never knew. We always had birthdays and Easter and Christmas, but my parents were struggling. When my sister was 4 she was diagnosed with a degenerative bone disease that almost cost her life. So my parents had lots of medical bills and regular bills, but I never knew we were poor.

Of all the things my Mother did to make ends meet, there was only one thing that totally grossed me out. When the bottle of ketchup with get down to the very last bits, she would take a little bit of water, shake up the bottle and get the last bit of ketchup out of the bottle.

The only problem was, instead of the usual anticipation of waiting for the ketchup to come out of the was like tomato soup. To this day it still grosses me out.

Does anyone else like ketchup on their Grilled Cheese sandwiches? People tell me I'm weird but I've always eaten it that way. I recall being a kid and my Mom would make the BEST grilled cheese sandwich (crispy on the edges, gooey inside) and she would pull that bottle of ketchup out and walk towards the sink.

My heart would drop in my chest because there is nothing grosser than tomato soup running around the plate soaking in to your previously crispy grilled cheese.

What brought this all on you ask? My one big pleasure in life, is throwing a bottle of ketchup away before it's completely empty, and I just did that!

Ahhh...I love being an adult! (Please don't tell my Mom I threw Ketchup away though)


Chgo said...

Funny, I know what you mean there. How about when you are in a restaurant and you don't eat all your food? And you know they are going to throw that away, doesn't that make you feel a little bad?

Nickle Annie said...

My mom totally does the ketchup/water thing to! I will never subject my kids to this atrosity! LOL!

cncz said...

i know exactly how you feel. trash that ketchup, and anything else not quite empty (i won't scare you with the water and toothpaste horror story)
great blog :-)

Visage said...

Grilled cheese with ketchup is weird.

Chgo said...

hey thanks for the heads up on my blog. I added BigChicks and even gave you a shout out.