Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Time to eat Crow

I've found that Crow is best eaten with a side of spaghetti.You may recall that I've previously posted about my downstairs neighborWell this morning, as I was leaving late for work, I notice that he has this paper posted to his front door.

A Note from my neighbor
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I owe an apology.

Here is what his note says:

I graduated this weekend from a long and strenuous degree from Columbia College learning how to run Serendipity Yout Theatre the way it needs to be run.

Thank you my very gracious and understanding neighbors for putting up with my noise and my aggravation and loads of Chardonnay when I was trying to study and fight for ideas. Chiefly you Michael..I will enver bang on the ceiling again. Party on my friend!

Angels live in this building and thank youf or letting me be and become. Love and Peace.

So I did the neighborly thing and dropped a bottle of wine and a note on his doorstop to congratulate him on his graduation.


Katya said...

that is such a nice thing to do, i bet hes glad that everybody was so understanding...


FunkyB said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and I like it! By the way, crow and wine doesn't sound all THAT bad!

ps: Dude, you posted your real name on the INTERWEB! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!