Friday, June 24, 2005

What's in a nickname?

buckwheat field
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When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents. I remember that my grandfather had an El Camino with a cover on the back and I used to LOVE to ride in the back of that thing.

One day we were driving through the country and we passed by a field with all of these flowers and I asked my grandfather "What is that?"

He told me it was Buckwheat and from that point forward that was my nickname.


I've been called that so long, that I think my Uncle Bill has forgotten my real name. The only people that call me that are my family members (Grandparents and Uncles). My grandmother still calls me Bucky, and everytime she'll stop and say "Oh you're a grown man, I shouldn't call you that." At which point I stop her and tell her, "I'll always be your Buckwheat"

One of my Uncle's nickname is Tinker, My Dad is Tuck (which he HATES, we call him Dicky) and my Sister is Mrs. Kippygin.

What crazy nicknames are in your family?


Kat said...

I was a premie and my Granny said I was a "wee little baby" so she called me Weesie. And still does! She calls my sister Sassy, and she really is!

Michael said...

That's Car's name is Sassy!