Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field
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Went to Wrigley Field last night to watch the Cubs beat the pants off of the Marlins.

Work bought us the tickets becuase of this project we're working on.

Wrigley Field is a great old ball park!

Plus they have Frozen Margarita's now!


Janey said...

Nice photo. Hope you didn't take it from your seats... I am quie fond of baseball and actually know how to keep score, thanks to an ex-boyfriend who was a demented fan. It was the only way I could go to the games and not fall asleep. Ole.

Michael said...

Actually, our seats weren't this good! We were all the way past first base on the second tier in the last row (hey work paid for them so I'm not complaining). We spent about 20 minutes in our own seats and then we walked around and sat in empty seats!