Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Beach

A little background. The boyfriend does not like a friend of mine that I've slowly been cutting off a friendship with.

Trying to be the good boyfriend and friend that I can be, I always allocate time for them separate from the other, just so there's no bad energy, etc.

This weekend the Boyfriend has his son, so I stayed at my house last night and today they're doing things. So the friend calls up and asks what I'm doing if I'd like to go for a bite to eat. Figuring that I'm not going to see The Boyfriend, I'm all for it.

At breakfast the Boyfriend calls and asks what's up. I tell him I'm at breakfast, he asks who (now he asked) and I said the friend. At which point the Boyfriend gets quite and continues on to say that they were going to the beach, did I want to go. At which point I decline and say no, I'm going downtown.

Now the reason I did this was the friend said he was going to the beach, did I want to go with him. a) I didn't want to go to the beach b) I didn't want to go to the beach and get drunk c) I wasn't that sure that I wanted to spend the afternoon with the friend, so I just said No, thanks.

Fast Forward about 15 minutes, walking home, I call the boyfriend and tell him that the friend will be at the beach, and because of that I'm not going to the beach. I don't want the Boyfriend to have to "put up" with the friend (because I know he'll want to sit with us) and at the same time I don't want to dis the friend like that.

But I don't think the Boyfriend really understands the reason that I'm doing it.

I guess I should stop caring about how people feel and just let them duke it out.


Ms Mac said...

Eurghh! It's horrible being stuck in the middle!

Katya said...

i hate being in the middle, it makes my head spin...i always want to keep everyone happy...