Saturday, July 30, 2005

The End of an Era 2005

The End of an Era 2005
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Well today marks the end of an era.

My two best friends are moving tomorrow, to give you an idea of what I mean, this picture is a view out of my window and the building circled is where they live. Spitting distance from my house.

I moved into my apartment in 2001, D moved into his apartment across the street in July 2001, J moved into his apartment in November 2001.

So tomorrow is the end of an era, it’s been wonderful living next to both of these guys and it will be interesting to see what happens.

When was the last time you had the “end of an era” when all things were going relatively smoothly and then something big happened? Where life as we have known it suddenly changes.

My last one before this was in 1999, so I guess I’m on the 5 year plan, great!

In 1999 I was ending a 3.5 year relationship and I was moving out of our "shared house." When I moved I was more tearful about leaving my neighbors Mark and Chris (two guys, who's nickname was Fred & Ethel - points if you can guess who they're named after.)

Actually the 4 of us had gotten very close as we lived in a duplex, us on one side them on the other. We had an intercom between our apartments and we ate dinner together at least 3 nights a week. Yet at other times we would go on and do our normal thing and not see each other for days.

Oh how I miss those halycon days.


goatdog said...

I moved last August. I was in the two-bedroom at the top of 5644 in that complex. Has Marius gotten any better about repairs? You can email me (click my name for email).

a soul deranged said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Come back anytime. I really like yours. I will add it to my list of blog on my site if you do not mind. Anyone who likes Wicked is pretty cool in my book. I read the book. . it was wonderful. I would love to go see the show. Glad that I read your review though. My Bestfriend and I love the theater. That is his profession.

Hope you get some great neighbors. Sorry that your friends are moving away though.

captain_howdy_girl said...

It's like the last episode of Friends. ;-)

Kat said...

I was thinking that it sounded just like the show Friends! I haven't ever lived so close to friends.

I guess my upcoming divorce is the end of an era. A good end though! ;)

Michael said...

HOW true Kat, that is a major end of an era, but it's also the begining of a totally new and improved one as well!

Karen said...

Oooo ... I understand your feelings. Before moving to Brazil, I lived within a five to ten minute walk of many of my friends and we were always over at each others' places and just dropping by for coffee and hanging out. It's a great way to live, but I am sure you will figure out ways to continue the lifestyle!

Karen said...

It's a sad symptom of growing older - you go from being in school (all your friends live nearby and you do similar stuff and hang out all the time) to being "grown ups" and living in different places, having different careers and lifestyles. :(

(Love all the pictures on your blog - especially the theatre insides!)