Wednesday, July 27, 2005

How to stop junk mail

I figured out the best way to stop getting those annoying emails, you know the ones that WARN you about impending danger, the ones that tell you your pants will catch on fire unless you send it to 600 of your closest friends. The one where they tell you to send a get well card, the one where they tell you about the latest scam...ugh, there's too many of them.

Whenever I get one of these emails, and it's not a joke but a "warning" I always go to:

And check to see if it's a scam.....if it is, I'll politely hit the REPLY ALL button on my email reader and provide a link to the obvious scam and press the send button.

I did this to a friend of mine who was constantly sending me these types of junk emails and he called me up and said "Why'd you do embarassed me." At which point I said, "Oh no, you embarassed yourself by sending that to all of your friends."

Also, please my friends, if you do decide to forward an email because it's funny or you think someone will get a kick out of, use the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) feature on your email, that way you're not sending all of your friends email addresses out through the abyss of the Internet.

Next time you get one of those types of emails, page down and look at all of the VALID email addresses that are on the email.....that's how you get spam. One time, a girlfriend sent me one of these and there were over 600 names on all of the emails 600!!!!!!

Like I always say: "Play Smart"


Kat said...

I never knew that about the BCC. I rarely forward anything, usually just jokes.

Andi said...

I LOVE Snopes. The stuff on there is awesome, and yes, I hate it when people send ridiculous e-mails like that!