Saturday, July 09, 2005

Hum Hum Hum

Do you know why hummingbirds hum? It's because they don't know the words.

I know, how third grade, but you laughed didn't you? Please tell me you laughed : -)

I found this on Ursula's webpage

I've been reading Ursula for about a year (lurking here and there leaving comments), she used to live in Chicago, but a few months she packed up and moved across the pond to London. Check her out, I think you'd enjoy her.

But the reason for the post.

Check out these great pictures of baby hummingbirds.


Kat said...

Cool pictures, thanks for the link. My daughter couldn't believe how small they were.

Michael said...

I was surprised at that as well. It really puts it into perspective when they show the penny in the nest. WOW!