Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Light One Little Candle

Taking a break today, I found this post by Nickle Annie

There is a woman in NY who is dying from Breast Cancer and is creating a "legacy" for her daughter. Something so that her daughter will remember her.

Take a moment and watch the video on MSNBC:


And then view the website:

Light One Little Candle

I am typically not a donater type person, but I did go up to Amazon and order a few books.

My company had a Healthy Eating seminar today hosted by the American Cancer Society, one of the handouts they provided said that by the year 2010-2015 1 out of 2 people (that's 50%) will have to deal with cancer in their lives.

I just want to send my love to:

My Grandfather, who I never knew, who died in 1955 of lung cancer when my Mother was 12.

My Uncle Bobby, who died of lung cancer in 1976 (I still think of him)

My MOTHER who is a TWO TIME cancer SURVIVOR (Thyroid and Breast)

My GRANDMOTHER who is currently battling Thyroid cancer at the age of 87

To everyone who has to deal with cancer in their lives

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