Friday, July 08, 2005


Ok, I don't typically discuss topics that are in the news (becuase there are numerous news sites, blogs, etc out there already that are doing a much better job at it than I), but I think it's terrible what has happened in London. My thoughts are with all the people that are now having to cope with what has changed and to deal with their loses.

I came across this article on MSNBC about a guy who has lost 573 pounds but still weighs 500 pounds.

At first I was intrigued when I started reading the article thinking, how can someone let themselves get up to a weight that is over a half ton?

As I continued reading, I just became more upset at his "excuses" Please we all over-eat, it's the American weigh (pun intended). I do it, you do it, we all do it. I have problems with my weight, I'm currently at 205 and I want to be around 190 but I exercise (well I try to) and I try to eat well (well I attempt to), but I feel as though I ulitmately have control over my weight.

I understand about medical issues (my sister once had to take a medication that literally made her weight double) and I understand about depression and eating, but come on 1073 pounds?!?

I guess the thing that really infuriated me was that in the article it says he still smokes a pack of cigarettes a day! A PACK A DAY, geez mister!

I don't smoke cigarettes, but I have enough friends that do and none of them smoke a pack a day.

And of course he tries to blame it on the medical field and the insurance industry but in the next sentence it says "he was a fast food junkie."

The part that kills me is that he takes no responsibility for his own actions, how sad that must be.

I've had to take responsibility for the actions I've taken which have led me down the road I'm currently on.....


Kat said...

Over 1000 lbs at one point AND a pack a day habit? How is he not dead? I understand that some people have weight problems, but this dude just sounds gross.

Katya said...

my dad used to smoke 100 a day and he managed to give up, god only knows how, but he gained tons of weight and eats like a horse too, but he is nowhere near that size...

surely you get to half that weight and realize you have a "big" problem...i love food and thats my biggest downfall, i know to lose weight i have to eat less and eat the right things (which i'm doing at the minute) but it is so hard with all the good things out there, its all about self control and i'm doing really well, but ask me again in a month and it'll probably be a different story...

have a good weekend...