Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Playing House

I guess you could say we’re “shacking up.”

I probably haven’t mentioned it in the past, but The Boyfriend was married for 10 years, yes married to a woman. And he has a beautiful 5 year old son who is the spitting image (and attitude) of himself.

The Boyfriend is a great father, he picks his son up every morning and takes him to school and picks him up in the evening and stays with him until his mother gets home from work, etc. He spends weekends with him, he is a great father to his son.

This past week, the son went to Upstate NY with some friends so The Boyfriend has not had his typical “tasks” that would keep us from seeing each other during the week.

On Friday I said to him, “You should pack up and stay at my house for the week.”

See, we typically spend a few nights during the work week together which means that one or the other of us has to get up earlier than normal and travel back to our own house to get ready for work. Granted we only live about 2 miles about and it’s a 10 minute car ride, but that’s 10 more minutes in bed.

So it’s Wednesday morning and we haven’t totally killed each other yet. Although he did get a little whiny though on Monday as I was “working” on the computer “Aren’t you going to come sit with me?” “What are you doing over there?” I told him I was working and that I didn’t feel like watching TV. That’ll show ‘em!

How do you handle whiny partners?

I'll give you updates as the week progresses, if I drop off the face of the earth please dial 911 for me.

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Katya said...

thats how it is in our house, i never get a minutes peace to myself, this is why i blog in the mornings when hes gone to work...hes irritated that he doesn't know my passwords for everything and all the little things he does drives me mad, there is no escape...

does 911 work from the UK...i'd better not - stay sane