Thursday, July 21, 2005

Please don't be GREEN

I'm so excited, we're going to see WICKED

If you're not familiar with this Musical based on the Book by Gregory Maguire it is the story of the Land of Oz before Dorothy arrived.

I read this book when it first came out, I actually have it in hardback (I hardly ever purchase hardback books) but I read it and loved it. Then back in 2003 I heard that they were creating a musical version of the book. I couldn't wait for them to release the soundtrack and I bought it the day that it came out (I know I'm such a fag).

In 2003 they won a whole bunch of Tony awards (of course) and then earlier this year they announced that they were creating a touring version of the show, and the first stop was in Chicago!

Then they announced that it was going to be a PERMANENT installation in Chicago. Which is unheard of, we were so happy. We've been waiting for months to go see this show.

Even waiting so long we have fairly crappy seats, we're in the Balcony, Row P but right near the aisle so not too bad.

(For those of you used to London style theater's, here in the US the balcony usually starts about halfway back from the stage over the Orchestra seats, so sometimes the back row can really be in the back row).

I'll try to take some pictures (0utside the theater of course because we all know you're not to take pictures in the house) and post tomorrow.

I hope that I'm not annoying and sing along with the entire show since I've been listening to it for years. But then again, the boyfriend probably will be singing along.

Ok, enough for being gay today!

Wait until we go see The Lion King next week! I love Disney shows, we saw Beauty & The Beast and it was amazing.


captain_howdy_girl said...

A friend of mine in Toronto saw it, he loved it. Hope you have fun Michael.

Ms Mac said...

Enjoy yourself! Are you sure you can't sneak a phone camera in to take some pics of the stage for us? ;-)

Katya said...

hope you enjoy the show it sounds great, i've never been to a big musical show like that, i think i might have to book something now...

look forward to seeing your pics, perhaps you could take some of the inside of the theatre before the show...

and sing along at the top of your voice, i would if i knew the


Kat said...

I've never been to a big musical. Sounds fun. I saw the Tony awards when the show won a bunch of awards and they did a song from it. It was great. I actually felt sorry for the green one!
And yes, I only watch the Tony awards to see Hugh Jackman sing!