Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Politics and Jumping on Ship

It amazes me how politicians have to Jump on Board

I was just watching the local news and one of the leading stories was about an Alderman who was complaining about two things:

- The current movie The Wedding Crashers has a scene where the leads pretend to wear Purple Hearts to get women.
- The video game Grand Theft Auto has a scene that can be unlocked that shows a graphic sexual scene.

What gets me, is BOTH of these things have been in the national media for about two weeks. Everyone is complaining about the movie, I agree it’s not right to wear a medal if you didn’t earn it, but come on people, it’s a movie, it’s make believe, it’s NOT REAL.

As for the game, Senator Clinton, and many others, have voiced their concern how you can view this explicit sexual scene in the game. I bet you that before this situation, NONE OF THEM had ever even heard of the game or probably even the game console.

I find politics of this nature disgusting. Come on people work on the issues, deal with the problems, that's why you were elected…don’t go after the same thing that “someone else talked about once” just because you want a little press.

I was looking for a link for the Grand Theft Auto thing, and look what was the first thing to come up.

Check out this link, a grandmother is suing the video game maker because she bought the game for her 14 year old grandson and now she’s suing for “false and deceptive advertising.”


She’s 85 years old, she knew when she bought it that it had a rating of M for Mature, but who wants to bet that she was with the grandson and he was like ‘oh come on granny, get it for me, get it for me, get it for me.” My grandmother is 87 and I know that when I was younger she probably would have done the same thing, bought me a game just because I said I wanted it.

It amazes me how people can suddenly be “offended” and then sue for millions of dollars.

Ok, I’m done, I’ve got to take a nap now, these people of the world kill me!


Kat said...

Politicians really get on my nerves. They do stuff like that and go back and forth all the time just to confuse us. (or maybe i'm just easily confused!)
I can't see how the old lady will get a dime. If it was rated M for mature, it wasn't false advertisement. Shame on the lawyer who took her case.

Anonymous said...

"It amazes me how people can suddenly be “offended” and then sue for millions of dollars."

Yeah, It's called the law - it isn't pretty and it doesn't always work right but it beats living in a world where we just kill people we don't like - and they kill us.

Yup, that pesky 'ol law.
I'll take it over the alternative because it is amazing how it and not pizza is the core of civilization.