Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Theater Week

Wow, for some reason we're going to see a whole bunch of shows, some professional some not so professional but still funny.

This past weekend we saw "Band Geeks - The Musical"

It was a musical, it had great music from the 80's, the hair the clothes and best of all the musical instruments.

This show was absolutely hilarious, the basic premise is the Elyria, OH Band is going to Band Camp at Ohio State University.

While there they find out that they've been picked to be the Half Time Show for a Cleveland Browns vs. Cincinnati Bengal's game, but they need $18,674.

These two girls wrote it, and it really is funny. The musical numbers were a little loose, but it's an amatuer production and they did a really good job. Some of the songs were really catchy and made me want to go out and buy the soundtrack but they didn't have one, LOL.

There was the band nerd, the girl with scoliosis who has a back brace, the goth girl, the girl who got pregnant by the football quaterback, the slut, the dinghy girl, plus the Football guys and Coach who were always picking on the "band fags"

The best part of the show was when the band kids crashed the football teams party and the Goth Girl didn't know who to hang out with, she turned around to go with some kids and they turned their backs on her and then in perfect Ally Sheedy, Breakfast Club mood, this song came on and she reluctantly went over and sat with the Band Geeks.

If you're in Chicago, you should go see it before it ends.

We're going to see The Lion King on Thursday, I'll let you know what I think of it.


thecoolestblog said...

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Katya said...

i've just seen your post below and wanted to say that i'm really jealous you've been to Hawaii, that is the only one i've not been too...

hope you enjoy the Lion King...