Thursday, July 14, 2005

TV Studio Audience

YEAH, we're going to be part of a TV Studio Audience.

Actually there are a few shows that tape here in Chicago:

- Judge Mathis, pretty cool, but I can never figure out how to get tickets
- Oprah, I have no idea how long people wait for tickets I've given up

But the Grandaddy of them all is


YES, we're going to go be part of the Jerry Springer Audience. I tell ya, there's nothing but the best for us. This will actually be my second time there. I went shortly after I moved here in 2001 because it's the thing to do.

I have never in my life laughed as much as I did when we went to that show.

It's not until August 29, which in white-trash time is Fer-ever Cletus!

1 comment:

captain_howdy_girl said...

I have a Jerry Springer t-shirt that reads, "help I'm white trash!"
I love the titles of their show.