Friday, July 22, 2005


I just want to preface this with the following statement:

“Typically Michael is a pacifist and likes everyone to be happy and harmonious, but when you piss him off you piss him off.”

A little background to why I’m so pissed off right now:

- One of my pet peeves of City Living are people who have no concept on how to properly park a car to get maximum parking space.
- I live on a major street without parking, and there is only one small side street for parking.
- I pay for a parking spot ($50 a month which is cheap) that is close to home
- There is a food joint in the area where I park and they offer delivery service.
- In a typical week, I have to politely ask them to get out of my parking spot at least 2 times. And I ask nicely!

Today on my way home, I parked on the street so that The Boyfriend could park in my spot. As you may recall, we’re playing house this week.

As I’m walking to my house I can see my parking spot, and there’s someone parked in it. So I walk OUT OF MY WAY to go tell them to move it. Now this time it’s not the delivery guys but the Garage next door (this is a first for them). They quickly move the car.

Then about an hour later my best friend (who lives where I park) calls and says “Gurl, that MiniVan is in your parking spot.”

So I give it 10-15 minutes hoping they’ll move on their own….they don’t.

So I put my shoes on, walk out of the house, down three flights of stairs, across a busy street, through the alley to the parking spot. I walk into the back door of the restaurant, and no more do they see me before the asian delivery man grabs his keys and says ‘I’ll move.” I stop him and I say, square in his face.

“Stop parking in my G$D D@MN spot”

He runs out, so I go up to the manager and tell him.

“You can’t park in my spot.” He then stupidly says, “Oh which one is yours?” I tell him, “You know EXACTLY which one mine is, the one on the end. Don’t park your f*ckin% cars in my spot. It really pisses me off everytime I have to come in here and “ask” you to move out of my spot. Just because it’s empty does not mean that you can park there.”

I continued to go off on him, about 6 inches from his face, I twirled around on my flip flops and walked out.
I know they’re gonna key my car or doing something to it, I just feel it….fortunately I don’t eat there so I don’t have to worry about them spitting in my food.


Ms Mac said...

Arrgghhh! Michael, how bloody annoying. I think you've dealt with it marvellously but now it's time to get serious mate!

Don't let 'em off ith it!

blue2go said...

Is it not marked clearly enough? Can't these people read?!

Katya said...

that is sooooo annoying, in our street its first come first served so its whoever gets home first, you might get lucky or you might end up in the next street...fortuanately we don't pay for the privilege...its also a pain when some families have two cars and insist on parking outside their house, leaving no room for anyone else...

its a nightmare going on holiday, as you know when you get back someone has "claimed" the spot outside your house and you have to retrain them to park elsewhere...and there aren't any parking bays marked and one woman just abandons it in the drives my hubby nuts...

have a great weekend...


Andi said...

You were sounding so strong and brave, then you said "twirled around in my flip flops" and I thought, no, he's a softie at heart and probably doesn't mean it.

I'm sorry. I feel your pain. I hate it when people do that. Everyone in my old street had driveways but the poeple next door used to park in front of their house but with the car hanging over the edge of my driveway so we couldn't get in or out if we wanted. I am just so glad we moved!

Aims said...

Ohhh I hate that. Some dipstick keeps parking across my driveway. I have the drop curb too so surely that's illegal or somat??! One day I will drive into & hopefully thru their car to park mine or get out of my drive!
Good on ya for the rant at them. I'd be too scared to say anything!!

dan said...

It seems parking is a pain in the rear everywhere you go.

It sucks.

Kat said...

Good for you! You were very patient at first, but sometimes you just gotta let people know you mean business.

captain_howdy_girl said...

I use to have that problem when I lived in a house next to an apt building. One day I came home and they were actually having a garage sale in my parking spot!! I called the fuzz.

captain_howdy_girl said...

I'm waiting for your wicked review.

Karen said...

In my building all the spots are clearly labelled ... and someone is always parked in my spot. Would it be bad to tell them to please not park in my spot, even though I don't yet have my car????