Wednesday, August 24, 2005

2nd Floor Ladies Underwear

I work in a 4 story building, it's not huge but it's pretty good size, there are probably about 500 +/- people that work here.

I used to work on the first floor but now I work on the fourth floor so I typically take the elevator every day, I know I really need to take the stairs but at 7:30 in the morning, and right after lunch, I don't think so!

This morning we get on the elevator and there were a bunch of us, 7 or so, and we stopped at every floor. Now don't get me wrong I understand when it's busy you can't go express, but 2, count 'em TWO people got off on the second floor. HELLO can't you walk up one flight of stairs (now before you jump on me about people not being able to walk for health reasons, I understand that, these people are healthy, they're just lazy).

And then this afternoon I had to go to a meeting and when we got on the elevator there were three of us and again we stopped at the 2nd floor.

I mean it's not like where The Boyfriend works and he's on the 65th floor, that's totally understandable, but one flight of stairs?!? Anyone else encounter this phenomenon on a regular basis?


Kat said...

At the mall, I have to take the elevator because of my baby stroller. You would be surprised how many people are too lazy to walk halfway across the store to the escalator!

Lulu said...

In my building the stairs are really inconvinient. They are more for fire escapes than a passage way. That's why I never take them

Michael said...

Our stairs are WAY convenient, in fact when you arrive you have to walk past the stairs to get to the elevator, go figure.

My best friend was telling me about two ladies today who were complaining that they were fat, yet took the elevator one floor down to go to a meeting.